Featured luxury raw collection

100% Raw bundles can come in virgin color dark brown, colored black/blonde and salt and pepper. Hair is completely raw and hasn't been alter in any way unless colored black and blonde.

* We source some of our hair from Southern Asia and all of our raw textures have been thoroughly treated and cleansed.

* Hair can be colored and straightened

* Excessive heat can lose its texture


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Featured luxury virgin collection

100% human hair bundles that have been steam textured to give you the curl pattern that resembles your own. 

​*Our more budget friendly option, yet still great hair.

* Hair can be colored and straightened.

* Excessive can lose its texture.

* Refunds or Exchanges are allowed after analyzing product excluding Raw hair.

* Eligible Refunds or Exchanges must be in original packaging and have NOT be altered in any way.

*Failure to comply, your claim will be Denied.

* We source our hair from China and all of our textures have been thoroughly treated and cleansed.

* We strive to provided the best hair and quality with our quality control methods.

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